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Thread: Does cold affect boot time?

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    Any secrets on keeping your computer warm like raping the case in insulation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxAndyxX
    raping the case
    sorry....couldnt resist that one

    other than a small heater plugged into the car ALL NIGHT, by morning, all the insulation in the world wouldnt keep that drive from being any warmer tahn the rest of the car.

    condensation isnt the issue you get, simple warping of the metal is. if you have the drive undergoing major temp. shifts, the metal is rapidly expanding and contracting, increasing the liklyhood of failure.

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    Deffinately look into getting one of those small 12v ceramic heaters that either defrost your window or warm up the inside of your car. Thats what I plan to use, you could rig it to somehow run off the line you plug your block heater too or just have it run when you start your car in the morning. Also, I wouldn't run one of those heaters for very long, especially all night, they could start on fire being as cheap as they are.

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    ??? LET THE DAMN CAR HEAT UP!!! If you use a heater on your case what will happen when you forget to turn it off???

    HEATER IS BAD IDEA!! If its that cold out... you should be letting your car heat up anyways that should help heat your entire car up including your CarPC!!!
    New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saito
    DW -

    Hajime Saito, Shinsengumi member. Coolest character in RK. As the sig says: Aku, Soku, Zan.
    Yes, definitely the coolest, although I still think Kenshin kicks the most ***. His fits of rage are something to fear. I watched the whole series waiting for him to freak out again.

    /end unintentional threadjack (sorry y'all)

    Also, heating the case isn't the way to go. Metal warpage isn't an issue any longer, thanks to the fact that current day hard drive platters are made with ceramic materials. The only metallic component of the platters is the writable media itself, and that's only a few microns thick, and therefore unable to warp.
    If it's dadblasted cold out, you're better off letting the interior warm up before starting the system, unless it's a trunk mount, in which case nothing will help other than running a switchable heating duct through the case itself.

    Condensation isn't an issue unless there's moisture in the air to begin with, and in a well-sealed cabin or trunk, that won't be a factor.
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    I have a Viper alarm system with remote start but the guys that were working on fixing my blinker problem I had screwed up the remote start so now it doesn't work... I'm waiting to take it back to them because as stupid as they are I think it'll be a while before they'll be able to fix a remote start issue because it's probably over their heads.

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    I'm working on a carputer now but it won't be mounted in the cabin and I'm worried about how I'm going to get this thing to heat up. I drive an MR2 and will be mounting the computer in the front trunk (definitely no room in the cabin!).

    Will the computer heat itself up after a while or am I going to have to install a heating device of some sort? I'm on a seriously small budget so it could prove difficult unless I can rig something up on the cheap.

    you should be letting your car heat up anyways
    It's actually generally worse for a car to idle up to temp than to just get in and drive it. While idling it takes ages to warm up, and during that time the oil isn't flowing nearly as much as while you're at cruising rpms nor is it warming up nearly as fast.

    I've read in numerous owners manuals that you should not idle a car up to temp on a cold day.

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    Unless your hard drive has fluid bearings, then the computer should not have problems. Processors love cold, memory loves cold. LCD screens hate cold.

    If you are really worried about the truck being too cold then add some ducting to the trunk. Lots of cars have a heat vent underneath the driver seat. Just vent it into your trunk, but not directly into your case. Or if your back seat folds down, then keep it down while warming up the car.

    But if you are having problems with the cold you will either have to:
    a) warm the car up.
    b) find the hardware causing the problem and replace it with something better.
    c) Use a removable hard drive tray or ext HD.

    You should aways let your LCD screen warm up before turning it on, as it may lead to a shorter life span.

    Edit: No drive manufacters list operating temps below 0C/32F. Seagate has some drives listed it a min of 0C. Maxtor and WD are 5C/41F.

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    OH MY GOD!! :O You people!!! Jesus Christ on a STICK!!! Why are you arguing about that?!?!? How many of you have cars that get below 10 degrees in the cab? If you do, perhaps you should look for an alternate storage, LIKE FLASH DRIVES!!! Those of you who have cabs that get above 130 degrees, perhaps of you should MOVE!!! Here is a good alternative, move to Cali... Beautiful sunny California, where you don't have to worry about temperature like that!

    Just my two cents.

    Just your friendly neighborhood computer specialist.

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    My car will almost certainly be below the operating range of the HD...I live in Montana and its winter and there's not a whole lot to be done about that.

    I like the idea of a peltier cooler, but a good setup might be too expensive.

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