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Thread: Difference b/w Asus motherboards

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    Difference b/w Asus motherboards


    I'm trying to decide which mobo to go with. I have decided to go with one of the 2, but i don't know which one is better. There is really only about $10 difference b/w the 2 here in Australia.

    The 2 models are: P4V533-MX & P4SGX-MX

    One shop told me that the P4V533 is outdated. But there are some places selling them for more than the other.

    Also, what's the difference b/w 'via' and 'SiS'?

    Thanks guys

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    The only major diffrence i see is, the P4SGX-MX will accept both DDR and SD-RAM sticks. While the other takes DDR only.

    SiS and VIA are companys the design chipsets.

    Both Motherboards where in the 50-55$ range at newegg. The P4V533-MX got a really low rating (doesnt say who, or how many people reviewed it), the other board got no reviews (from newegg).

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    Thanks for that Audio Bandit!

    I heard that these were quite good boards. Perhaps if you're running a complicated system it won't be good, but for a simple incar pc like i'm building it should be fine (hopefully).

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