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Thread: FM Modulator / New Head Unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukchris
    Is it powered from the unit or another supply by the way?

    Thanks again,

    No problem, Chris. The XA-300 is powered thru the CD Changer port on the head unit, so the only wires you'd have to/from it would be a USB cable from the PC and the changer cable to the head unit (both included, I think). The XA-300 isn't very big, and would easily fit in a glove box or under a seat.

    As for the cost/gain I think you're on the right track with a new head unit. If you can get a decent one for $100-150 range that has AUX ins, then you're better off with a new one. In my situation, I really like my head unit, so I wanted to keep it. It's not the greatest, and I've had it for a couple years, but I like it. The $41 for the changer/AUX ins was steal for me. The alternatives I looked at were all over $350, and I didn't want to spend the money - at least not on the head unit - save some for the carPC!
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    I agree with the new HU method. I had an FM mod on mine. Started losing volume and getting fuzziness with the "extreme" sounds - like the windows start-up sound. Also heard the engine whine. With my new Pioneer HU, the system sounds like I have a CD in the player. Well worth the $280 from a local small business.

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