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Thread: Wireless Router in car - Has any done it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Bandit
    ~900$ didnt see the price, btw how are u powering that system in your sig
    1000Watt costco inverter! It's also my home machine, lol

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    rafaelsherman - I have Sprint PCS with Vision. The Vision service is unlimited therefore the internet access is unlimited. It doesnt count against the minutes nor the amount of data transfered. Accordding to DUMeter it connects at 144K with burst of up to 180K. I pay $17.50 including all the taxes a month with 750 anytime minutes w/long distance. I set my phone to never connect to analog service so I wouldnt know how slow the analog connection would be. You should goto the LA meet this summer. It's sometime in May. We're still talking about it right now.

    Audio Bandit - Dont waste your money for an airpanel. It's just a modified laptop with built in WiFi and no keyboard. Any PC with WiFi will do the trick.

    Bobby Digital - I think majority of the people here dont get on the internet in their car just to surf the net. We need it to check emails and get directions. There's no need for a super fast connection for that. Any speed will do as long as it can get on the net.
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    How much is an access point?.....

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    Not suprising, has been clearing out their Uniden stuff since December. I've scored a couple of FAR USB wireless adapters and things from them already.

    btw, your link doesn't work and a search of doesn't turn up the item.

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    19.6 hum speedy and I thought my 512k cable link was slow

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    Computer Access with GPS/Inet Favs

    (Newbie) - There are a couple of products on the market that allow for PC/Inet surfing with GPS tracking. Some GPS software packages allow for add-ins that can be purchased that will give you LCR (Less Cost Routing) and TAM (Traffic Alert Monitoring) that will re-route you in the case of an accident or traffic jam. Using a product such as AirBox or OnComm/Rocket or StompBox (build it yourself) you can have a WiFi(802.11) b/g access point in your car that has a PCMCIA port so you can use (Sprint/Verizon/Nextel-Sprint) services. Using the 802.11 for connectivity to the box is the best method. I have seen people set fires to the vehicles because of poor installation methods. The GPS modules will multi-cast the GPS feed and can be used by numerous devices in your car that have GPS applications installed. I use this in my car when I travel to different cities on business. Also, keeps the kids busy with internet access while traveling on vacation. I have managed about 60,000 installations of this type.

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    Back from the dead. OMFG!

    Good info though Wraith...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
    (Newbie) - ....I have managed about 60,000 installations of this type.
    Really? Tell us more about it. Your experience would definitely be of benefit to us.

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