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Thread: How do I transfer my mp3's

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    Red face How do I transfer my mp3's

    I have a bit of a problem, I just got a new home computer and I dont know how to go about tranferring my mp3's to my carputer. When I had my old puter I use to take out the slave and put in my carputer to tranfer the files, but my new puter doesn't have dual drive capabilities. the cd-rom cable is broken on my car puter so I cant use that. I think the paralell port is shot too on my carputer so I cant use a zip drive or a networking program. How should I transfer my files??

    Should I buy a cable that supports two hard drives? If so where would I put the hardrive? Is there and easier way to make the transfer?

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    probably the best way is to network the 2 computers using cat. 5 cable with a switch or crossover cable. Just get a few NIC cards and stick em in there. As far as the other problems go, i dont know. try fixing it and see what happens.
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    I agree. You can get 2 10/100 Network cards for $20 each. A piece of Cat 5 cable isn't very expensive either. If you need help making a crossover cable, let me know and I'll post a pin diagram. You can also buy them if you don't have access to a crimper to make one.

    As far as your new computer goes, it most likely does support 2 drives. It may not have a second plug on the IDE cable (if not, shame on the manufacturer) but every board I've ever worked with supported 2 drives per channel. If you provide more info and/or pictures on why you don't think that you can put two drives in your new system, perhaps we can help you work through that issue.

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    $20? bah, cheap ones are about $10

    And like meatball said, get a new cable.

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    I use wireless.

    I just upgraded my wireless from some Intel 1Mbps garbage to some real 802.11b 11 Mbps stuff.

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    I think this has been covered, but for what it's worth I use Ethernet. I have a jack installed outside my house, and one in the gas filler area of the car. For the price of network cards ($15) it's the only way to go.
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