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Thread: help with new system build

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    help with new system build

    of done alot of reading on here today need some concrete answer and suggestions
    what i require
    a motherboard that is possibly nforce 2 chipset or something with good onboard graphics dual channel memmory plenty of usb ports for an external dvd drive usb flash drive port for touchscreen and possibly a couple more free for future things
    i would prefer to use a normal hardrive for cost and performance
    would the drives get damaged when travelling like when i go over bumps or anything would say ripping a cd get errors ?
    and how would i power this with the opus i would prefer an amd system as i have a spare cpu lying around
    and ofcourse what kind of case could i use to hold all of this would like as small as possible and a small motherboard obviously micro atx is what i need i think ?
    any other suggestions would be appreciated

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    oh and onboard sound aswell

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    i would use this mother board

    you'd probly do best bilding your own case

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    i was thinking about makeing one but didnt know if there was onethat would maybe suit me better thanks for the link to the mobo its another option

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