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Thread: this good price for a slim usb dvd drive?

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    this good price for a slim usb dvd drive?

    Since I am in no position to buy yet I thought I'd post... this drive has good reviews on the web.
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    that is a "good" price for that unit. You can get it online for $102. So its not a great deal. Generally with ebay the computer products that start close to the buy it now price aren't a great deal
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    That's a good price, considering same BusLink product costs 1.6x times more from their direct distributor.

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    That's a deal, I have seen just bare dvd combo drives go for more than that. In fact Ive sold a few for more than that. But I had also paid more than that. That is a good deal in that ebay ad. I may buy that in a few days if that is still there.
    That is a good find...

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