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    Post sharp backlight

    hey guys,

    i broke the lamp on my eio LQ6NCO2 and i need to find either bulb replacements or a new slide out moduole. i looked all over but i couldnt find any sharp resellers. if anyone has any ideas on where i could get a replacement please point me in the right direction. Thanks

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    I'm going to be getting one of the Parts Express 5" lcd's, so I won't need my Sharp screen, since I think part of it is fried. However, the Backlight works fine. If you're interested, I'd sell the whole thing (panel, backlight, inverter for backlight, cable kit) for $50. I won't be able to ship this until May 1, however (due to the fact I want to wait for the PE panel to ship). Email me if you're interested.
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