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Thread: alright, sound distortion from over boosting.

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    alright, sound distortion from over boosting.

    I have an nforce MOBO from leadtek. it has the nvidia cyclone sound or something like that, its integrated.

    I also have a stock sound system.

    problem is... if I play the PC at full blast on its volume, it comes out distorted, over boosted it seems like the sound card cant support the volume cleanly. so I back that down to about 50% for a crisp sound.

    but... I like a little sound to my music, so what I think is considered reasonable volume on the radio, normally about a 20 out of 34 is more like 28-30 on the headunit. Im using the radio to do much of the boosting, but now thats sounding overboosted and distorted even though its not that loud...


    would a good sound card like santa cruz or sound blaster let me run the PC volume up in the 75-80% volume range with better quality, so I dont have to run the stereo volume so high?

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    Probably the best solution would be a small 4 channel amp. This way you wouldn't have to drive the pc audio that hard. Be careful giving your speakers a distorted signal. This will usually damage them.
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