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Thread: Epia M10000 VGA problems

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    are you shure you have the right bios it should be I0100116.bin (257KB)
    also a how to
    To update the BIOS:

    (System needs to boot into DOS prompt with bootable disk):

    1. Make a bootable system 3.5" diskette.
    2. Then copy the flash utility (eg. AWFL823B.EXE) and the new BIOS file (eg. I010010F.BIN) onto this diskette. The latest BIOS update and flash utility can be downloaded from for your specific product.
    3. Boot the computer using this diskette.
    4. At the A:> prompt type AWFL823B I010010F.BIN

    You can find out additional parameters of the flash program by type "awfl823/?". This will cause the flash utility to load and automatically use the new file. Just follow the prompts that you see on the screen. When you are through, reboot your computer. Please load the optimized default settings in the BIOS.

    WARNING!! During the final flash process, power should not be disconnected and the process should not be interrupted or the motherboard will not be able to boot up.

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    I used the flightdeck utility and thats the error i got. I do not have an A Drive available.

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    your going to need a floppy drive to do the flash. and windoze 98/me to make the boot disk.(or download one)
    if you were in dallas i could run one over.
    i hope you get it working.

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