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Thread: xm radio mod/hack

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    xm radio mod/hack

    i have the alpine xm radio unit TUA-T020XM and i was wondering if anyone out there knew how to hack the wires to make it controllable via the carpc. i'm talking about the digital input of the sound to the computer, then control the channels via the touchscreen display.

    and if that's not an option, is there any way to do it with the xm pc receiver? i want to know if i can use the terk mobile xm antennas for it. but i also want to be able to control it via the pc. i'm not too keen on that idea because, as i understand it, the pc receiver only has an analog jack for sound to the input of the sound card. i'd rather keep it all digital, but the software sounds like a great bundle-- being able to switch automatically if your favorite artist comes on another station. thanks

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    So basicly you want to look at your computer, to change xm channels? That doesnt sound to safe to me.

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    the xm pcr can have a digital out put. go to for more info

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    XM radio

    hey there is an XMPCR with optical out so that would keep it digital. Also cheeck out they have a tone of info.

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