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Thread: Optical Cable Hack?

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    Optical Cable Hack?

    I just picked up an Pioneer DEQ-P7000 off of ebay planning on using it's optical in by connecting it to the SPDIF out from the via mother board through an optical to coax converter.

    But to my surprise the pioneer DEQ-P7000 comes with a propritary optical cable GRRRRRRRR

    Does anybody have any ideas on how i will hook this thing up to the Via Digital out?

    It also has a IP Bus In (i have no idea what this is)

    What should i do? Am I out of luck here
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    Well, hopefully i can be somewhat helpful... but i do remember a thread dealing with IP Bus hacking.. you might want to try looking that up.. and see if it can help you..

    With the proprietary cable one end goes to the pioneer, the other side cant be used in normal toslink connection? If not, Have you tried googling to see if there are pioneer->normal optical adapters?

    Apolo V

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    Thanks for your reply and for the leads.

    I did search google for several hours with all possible search terms for the optical cable convertor. The problem is that I don't have the Proprietary optical cable that is supossed to come with the DEQ-7000. It was used from ebay (I am contacting the seller because of this).

    My main goal is to use the Digital Audio from the via (coax) and input the signal into the pioneer deq-7000. I wish I had the optical cable to check and see what the end connectors look like and at 100 dollars i doubt i am going to invest any more money into this until I figure out what is going on

    I read the posts about hacking into the IP bus. That would be ideal if it accepted a digital signal however i don't think that this is that case.

    If any one else is using the DEQ-7000 with optical in please post a picture of the optical connectors.

    Another thing to mention is that i am not using it with a head unit. I planned on using it as a standalone surround sound processor so i wouldn't have to use the up my USB bandwidth withsomething like the extigy.

    any other comments or help is greatly appreciated
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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