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Thread: HVAC Controls

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    HVAC Controls

    My HVAC controls turned out to not be all electrical. The Fan speed control is electric, The temp selector uses a cable and has 2 wires, and the Vent selector has a wiring harness and Vacuum tubes.

    Does anyone think i would be able to eventually make some sort of computer control for this rig? Right now i'm leaning towards it being futile.

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    It'll probably be worth less in the end to convert it to a VintageAir setup, and work from that.

    Is there a chance that some models of your car (Don't know what you have) come with an upgraded HVAC system (maybe with A/C)? With my car, the base model has two sliders and some vacuum tubes I think. My model came with A/C and it uses only wires.

    Otherwise, if you still really want to do it, you'll probably want to use stepper motors or servos to control the system. If you work in the automation field and you're adept at building robots, then this will be a piece of cake.



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