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Thread: Imput on this set up??????

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    dont buy from Hong Kong, or , like me, you will be sending your dead unit back there to be repaired. Look for one in your country, there are plenty of dealers out there.

    as far as the system goes, i think it is "ok" if you dont want to build your own, but as far as components go....

    Board $130
    memory $75
    dvd rom $45
    40gb laptop drive $100
    case $varies

    Total------------$350 +case

    so figure almost $600 for a system you can build for about $350 plus a case
    I like to build em myself.

    My system cost me about....

    Epia-M1000 $170
    512mb pc4000 $75
    250gb 8mb cache $145 (rebate)
    24x laptop CDRW Dvd combo $70
    Morex case $70

    total ----------------$530

    and I think you will find it a far superior setup than a production unit!
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    The only reason i was thinking about this one is b/c its already built and you dont have to add anything to it, and its nice and compac. If somebody was to build the same unit with all the convertors that i will need i will buy it from them in a heart beat. let me know if anybody will build one. it must be small b/c its going in my dash where the air bag went.

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