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Thread: DVD's on SBC's Caution -Danger will robinson, Danger!-

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    Post DVD's on SBC's Caution -Danger will robinson, Danger!-

    Something pretty importiant just poped into my head as I was preping a dvd kit for one of those SBC's -

    One of the great things about the sbc is its onboard LCD controler. The SBC is fine for most stuff, but cant play a dvd on its own.

    No problem, you add a decoder card.
    <insert problem here>
    I could be wrong here, but I have not seen a decoder card that dosnt use "Video Overlay" that dosnt mean much, but basically, to view the signal from the dvd, you feed your vga out from the pc, into the decoder card, the dvd is Imposed over "Overlayed" on the vga signal, then its sent back out to another vga connector. This is standard on pc's with decoder cards.... no problem.

    The LCD controler on the SBC's has no way to interface with the DVD decoder card.

    If your using TV out off the decoder card (like an ATI AIW) its no problem.... but It seems to me , next to impossible to get the decoder to pass signal to the onboard LCD driver in an SBC.

    The only work around would be some kind of decoder card that didnt use overlay ...(dont thenk they make those) or pass the signal out of the SBC on the VGA port, then run it through the dvd overlay, then feed it into a off-board lcd controler.
    And that defeats the purpose of having the onboard LCD controler in the first place.

    To anyone buying an SBC - please note,using an ATI (or similar) AIW card in the pci slot, and hooking up a composit LCD would work fine.
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    I'm hoping my K6-3+ 400 can do software decoding. If not, no DVD's for me

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    if you have enough RAM, the k6-3 should be fine....
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    It would be cool to have somethign so small, use the parrallel port for a 4x40 lcd at the front, put in powerleap k63-400 with 128mb ram, pci riser card with ATI-AIW PCI card, and sound card, dvd drive. Then have a small lcd coming off controller on dash for gps and a biggish one at the back coming off the tv-out for dvd, divx, games. You even have room for another lcd off vga.

    this is a money no object situation there is no way i can afford to do this, but there is a lot of room for expansion even at small size although that expansion is going to cost you about twice as much, than using a desktop comp, with bulky case.

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    I have a Real Magic Hollywood + decoder that uses the method described by gizmomkr to send the signal to the monitor. I also have a Creative CT-7160 Inlay decoder which uses the digital 26 pin feature connector found on many video cards. Does anyone know if any SBCs have this connector for the on board video?


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