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Thread: Install in 2003 Eclipse

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    Question Install in 2003 Eclipse

    Hey all....have a 2002 eclipse. have lilliput, MII 10000, 60gb 2.5 hdd, and opus on order. I have been reading for a while and haven't come up with a solid answer to the following.....where is the best place to mount.

    I know that most say in the double idn area, but need the trunk...have 2 10 subs and vibrations will crash it all....underseat...most say too hot....

    Anyone installed in an eclipse....any suggestions....will be making box from 1/4" acrylic...please let me know
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    i dont know about you car.. but if you pull the glove box out how much room is behind it?

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    Why did you buy parts without doing some thinking first? Go take an hour and sit inside your car, you tell us where you can put the carputer. How big is the glove box? do yuo have a large center console?
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    My friend has a 98 Eclipse, and if I recall correctly, it has a double-din slot on the dashboard. You could fit a Lilliput there, maybe the motherboard behind it?

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    if you get a C134 Travla case you can fit it in dash if you remove the clock pod

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    oh, your not going to be able to fit any of that hardware in your car there is just not enough room and where there is room your subs will blow it all up. I will tell you what, I will buy your liliput from you for $100 shipped because you have no use for it.

    btw im just kidding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burnie329
    Hey all....have a 2002 eclipse. have lilliput, MII 10000, 60gb 2.5 hdd, and opus on order. I have been reading for a while and haven't come up with a solid answer to the following.....where is the best place to mount.

    I have a 2003 Eclipse. I started out thinking that I could put mine under the driver's seat. Unfortunately, even putting the "infamous" IKEA key box case under there wasn't a possibility - and that IKEA case is really small (2.5"x7.25"x10").

    I didn't consider using the double DIN in the dash because I wanted to keep my head unit in the dash. Still, even if I wanted to, I couldn't have put it in the DIN because the DIN isn't deep enough - you don't have room for the screen and the connectors on the back of the mobo. So I went with a TM-701L in-dash screen assembly for my Lilliput screen. So my aftermarket stereo uses 1 DIN, and the screen uses 1 DIN.

    I didn't consider putting it in the glove box, because I want to store a keyboard in there, and use the glove box for other storage too.

    So mine ended up in the trunk. That's about the best place for it anyway, since you don't have to be too concerned about space and size. That made it possible for me to make the unit a bit larger, save some cash, and add some features that I would have left out in a smaller unit - like the All-In-Wonder card, the card reader, the extra DVD drive, and more USB ports. I was also able to leave a "normal" power supply in the unit (as well as the Opus) so I can pull the unit out of the car and take it in the house and use it like a regular PC if I want to.

    I used a Chyang Fun MiniCube case, and it works great. The case is small, but not tiny, and sits on top of the "hump" right behind the left backseat. I made a small "adapter" so that the case would sit on the hump and not fall down between the seat and the hump.

    I have the unit installed - finally - but not finished. It works, but I need to dress it up and clean up my wires. I also haven't finished putting my DVD/CDRW drive in the clock pod. I need to make a special bracket to make it fit, and I've been too lazy to do it.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Just PM me.

    So far:
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