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Thread: Need small DTS decoder

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    Need small DTS decoder

    I am looking to add a DTS or at least Dolby Digital decoder to my car.

    I have a Carputer, Standalone car DVD, VGA screen, and Kenwood 7" LCD HU.

    I would like to be able to run the DVD optical, or coaxial digital outputs to a decoder, and also run the digital from my sound card to the decoder.

    I purchased a Creative Labs Audigy 2 NX, but it isn't recognizing the optical input when I plug the DVD player into it. It will play the audio from a CD through the optical, but not a movie.

    The package only uses an MD player as an example of a digital input, so I don't think it will do what I want it to do.

    Is there a fairly inexpensive compact unit which will meet my needs. I did a search on here, but only came up with sound cards. My computer is a laptop, so a sound card doesn't help me, it has to be external.

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    The audigy encodes to 5.1 (or 6.1 or something to that effect) and outputs it via a digital output. the optical in is only a stereo S/PDIF digital input and has no decoding capabilities. thats why it will not play your dvd audio. so like you said you need an external decoder. kenwood and alpine both make decoders also try doing a search on ebay for a standalone decoder. I know that Klipsch used to make one and you can find it on ebay.

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