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Thread: How far?

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    How far?

    How far can drives be mounted from the motherboard without encountering problems? life if the mobo was under the passenger seat and that DVD drive was in dash? And where can I find cables that are long enough to do something like that?

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    just finished 15 foot ide cable for front cdrom

    good thread to start with. When in doubt, it out
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    I can't remember if it's 18" or 24" or 30" that is the limit of the IDE specification. Regardless, you can have longer cables, it's just not guaranteed to work. There are several guys here in the forums that are using IDE cables over 5 feet. I used my 10 foot cable to load WindowsXP without any trouble. I switched to USB later, because I wanted to power the drive direct from the car, rather than from my Opus power supply.

    Since I'm not going to use it, I've got a 10 foot, 80 conductor, IDE cable you can buy off me for $30. (I say it's 80 conductor because I can't say that it is ATA100 since it's way past spec length.)

    PM me if you're interested.

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