this post ended up being longer than i expected.

I have been reading a lot here and have gotten a lot of good information. That being the case, I realize Im probably going to ask something that is on here that i still haven't managed to find. If so, let me know that I can find it with a search, and I'll do the search (but keep in mind ive been reading and searching for weeks).

So, I currently have a 1998 eagle talon tsiawd. For anyone who doesn't know, its basically the same as a mitsu eclipse gsx. Its not very large but Thats not much of a worry to me since Im pretty mechanically inclinded and I'll make it work.

I have an ecu/cable connection for engine management (dsmlink for those in the know) and was planning on using my laptop for this, but it took a dive on me (mobo problem, 600 to replace) so I figured I would build a pc into the car for mp3 playback (the occasional dvd for the passanger) and the data logging/engine management program.

Im looking at a xenarc or lilliput touchscreen (pending the starvision demo). so thats not too much of a concern.

What im curious about is motherboard, power suplly (assuming opus, think im okay with 90, but for the 40 bucks will probably go 150), and getting the thing to work with my car audio.

My buddy is a big computer buff and pointed me towards some time ago (great site for almost anything). When the idea for a car pc hit I knew I would be checking it out. using their mobo search, i found

thanks guys