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Thread: cd rom cable length

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    Post cd rom cable length

    I am building a player that will be fully intergrated with my 98 Ford Escort console. I am going to run an extra usb port, ps2 connector, serial port, and possibly firewire from the trunk to the console so that, if need be, I can hot plug any periferal right into the console. The most important thing that I am worried about is, I want to integrate an internal ide cd-rom/dvd player right in the colsole like a regular aftermarket stereo set up. I am worrried about the length of the ide cable from the trunk to the front of the car. I am planning on using a shielded cable with the proper number of wires and just slapping on a ide connector on both ends. does anyone know if this will work before I go through the trouble? Also, are the other cables ok to run that far?
    I am using a Athlon 750Mhz atx mobo 128Meg ram, soundblaster live+mp3, 20 gig hd.
    Thanks in advance....
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    I would not attempt to extend IDE. It's just not worth the hassle. Firewire might be a better option. This has been covered in threads recently.. Use the search function and search for Firewire.

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    Ok, I would have to agree with nester on that one UNLESS 1) money is not an issue to you and 2) you wouldn't like to take on a somewhat time consuming project. Extending IDE is perfectly possible, I have constructed a 15-FT Cable that works with zero, and I mean zero data loss. If you to to my website: and look under the in-dash dvd howto you will find info on how to make the cable. One thing i should mention, since I have not updated it on my site yet is that instead of using 5 Cat-V cables for the the cable, I have obtained 15 FT of 25-pair twisted pair cable. A note: shielding normal 40-conductor ribbon cable for 15 FT will NOT work. Hope this helps.
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