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Thread: Easiest 5.1 setup??

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    Easiest 5.1 setup??

    Hey there all.

    Once i get the Opus, I'll be running a 2.4ghz celeron, Micro-atx mobo, 256ram, 80gig hd, all linked up via a Ip-bus cable to my Pioneer headunit. I know that the mobo is capable of running 5.1, but i'm not sure how to hook it all up. Will i have to buy a surround sound processor?

    Sorry for 'perhaps' a really stupid question.

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    You're not going to get real 5.1 sound by channeling your sound through a head unit. You need to get an amplifier. I recommend a four channel amplifier hooked up to your PC directly. Get another 2-channel or mono amp if you have subwoofer(s). On your sound card you will use the green and the black headphone jacks to connect to the front and rear RCAs on the amp.
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