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Thread: where can i find a USB cable like this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beaverpants
    some mice are bilt with hard kinks in the wire inside the house. like a few sharp turns. the old MS optical 1.0 had this. it was recalled dew to it. b/c the turns the wires thare would brake.. i fixed that mouse 3 times. cut out the parts with the kinks and soder it inside the mouse to the good wire. if you can cut the inside of the mouse to make the wire run more strait with less kinks. it will probly last longer
    yah beaver - the trackball would work when the wire was pulled sharply to the right diractly after it exited the mouse - so i figured that was where there was a broken wire. I cut and re-soldered but it was still finnicky, so i think it is probably a problem at the point of connection (hence the hard pull to make it work....) oh well......

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    yeah.. molex KK .1" spacing.. those *****es are hard to find. i finally ended up aquiring some through less than fully legitimate means. (dumpster diving)

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