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Thread: Custom Video Switching Device

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    Custom Video Switching Device

    I am trying to switch video in my Car. I don't want to use Composite (yellow-RCA) becuase of the lack in quality. My rx8 happens to have a TFT screen that uses RGB+S for video. I have a Carputer which using a BNC cable I am able to hook that up to RGB+S. The stock navigation in the rx8 uses RGB+S to hook up to the TFT screen. I also want to install a rear cam that engages when the rear backup light comes on and then shuts off after that and reverts to the video mode already selected. I have seen Avelectronics video switcher but I don't to use Composite(yellow-RCA) and thats all his unit offers I am talking to him about that also but I want to see how easy it might be to just do it myself.

    Here is what I have so far

    I want to just use a single push button to switch between video and not a dial switch just a soft push button. I was thinking I could just use a series of relays some how but I am not sure which ones would be good for this type of system. I like the USB-relays but I want it to be independent of a computer.
    Basicly the way I see it is I don't need a a smart device with video processors and such but just some kinda of series of switches and relays.

    Any help would be great. Thanks!
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    hope that helps a little.....its ac, but most switches are....

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