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Thread: Built me a new carputer case (See pictures)

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    Built me a new carputer case (See pictures)

    Hi, I decided to build me a new carputer case since the first one I built was just ugly and too big. I am not finished with the project but have uploaded some pictures of what I have done so far.

    Pictures here :
    (Go to the Sub gallery called Carputer case in the Carputer project 2004 gallery)

    Please give feedback, suggestions and comments on the project in this thread or as a comment on each picture (you can add comment to each picture)

    Thanks ..


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    is your USB hub externally powered? If not have you tried using your GPS on it yet? I had problems getting windows to see the GPS receiver when using the USB hub without the external power supply.

    I ended up just running it from one of the USB controllers on the board.
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    just running my mouth but my gps wont work on a non powered hub either..

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    I am using the GPS and lilliput on the none powered usb hub..

    Any feedback on the case..? is it too big ?

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    looks good so far. size wise, all depends on where in the car it is going and if it will fit. personally though, i feel like with my case, if it is a little big that is good because then you have good air circulation. good luck!
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    DUDE! The car factory messed up your car! They put the driver seat on the wrong side! !!!

    Just kidding. Foriegn cars always look funny to me. Nice job on the build by the way.

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    Looks okay. Just wondering why you didn't mount the hard drive either on it's side or over the motherboard the make it smaller. I just finished mine yesterday using smoked acrylic and I hinged the hard drive (160Gb Maxtor 3.5") and PSU (Opus removed from case) on a seperate piece over the motherboard and in between the PCI slot and the side of the case.
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    Seems like a pretty nice setup if you ask me, that media car setup looks really nice.

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    Forget the case pics!!! The Sex it up party at tavern pics are even better.

    The case does look good though.
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    very clean, I like it

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