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Thread: Wow, I need lots of help setting up the stereo

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    Post Wow, I need lots of help setting up the stereo

    First look at the pics here I just bought a bunch of new audio equiptment and need help interfacing everything! I have a 1989 Saab 900. I'm planning on putting the kickerbox in the trunk with the amps on top. But the only thing is I don't know how to wire it. I am good with wiring and electronics though. The CD reciever is a Pioneer DEH-635. First problem is to get it to hook up with the Saab connector. The CD player has this big rectangular connector and IDK where it goes or if my car can even take it. Next, I'm putting in new speakers. Do I run the speakers to the amp and the amp the the CD deck? Like output of cd to input of amp and output of amp to speakers? What about ohms and impedance and stuff, I never payed attention to that in electronics class! I have a GM-X502 and a GM-X402. I don't know what to do with those. I guess one goes to the kicker box and the other for the four speakers. There's still a bunch of questions I have so my AIM screen name is Dudah85 IM me please! Thanks.

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    1 You start with the radio:
    Looks like the plug is a din-plug? goto the auto dealer and ask for a cable that fits on bouth(car&radio) they must have it.
    2 Run some cable's(rca / the red&white) from your radio to amp 1 and from the amp1 to amp2
    3 run the cable's from your amp to the speakers.

    The GM-X402 is 2x35Watt @ 4 ohms and 2x70 max
    The GM-X502 is 2x50Watt @ 4 ohms and2x100 max

    So as i remember corectly the GM-X402 is bridgable and i whout use it to drive the kicker box

    The four speakers you can place them in line and conect the right and the left to the amp

    so bouth the right (front+rear) to one channel and the left (front+rear) to the other one
    , driving them @2 ohms (think that the amps are stabile at 2 ohms)

    Let me know how thinks are going.
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