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Thread: Whats a good vidio card w/ tv out and dvd decoding

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    Post Whats a good vidio card w/ tv out and dvd decoding

    Im looking for a good video card with a tv out (going to an tft lcd) and dvd decoding ovboard. Mainly cause its a slow computer and in order to play dvd i need that. I would go with two cards (proubly cheaper) but i only have two expansion bays. the other one is for the sound card. Any good cheap ones out there?

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    anything made by ATI

    I have an all-in-wonder that I bought last year after I got my DVD drive and discovered that my computer didnt like decoding DVD very much. For a car installation, I recommend the Xpert 98--its got DVD decoding and TV-out, just like the All-in-wonder. the AIW has a tv-tuner (i'm watching a football game while typing this). you can get the 8mb version of the Xpert for $59? at

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