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Thread: OK to mount hard drive upside down?

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    OK to mount hard drive upside down?

    i've been mounting 3.5"s on their sides for some years now, no problems.

    due to the awkward configuration, the easiest mounting on my carpc requires the HDD to be mounting upside down, so that the screw mounts are on top.

    its a 2.5" travelstar, 8.1gb.

    so... safe or not?

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    Coming from a guy who has been letting his hard drives sit in any and every way in his computer for years and never has has a hard drive failure, yes, it's safe.
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    2.5" laptop drives are built to take some punishment, then again 3.5" drives are up there as well. Anyway, you should be pretty much safe no matter how you mount the drive.
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    Screw mounts on top is upside down? Oooops. I've had my 6.5Gb Hitachi drive like that for nearly 5 years. No problems yet.
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    I was a bit shocked to see the Travla C134 with the drive mounted upside down, I was a little concerned about the spindle bearings, but I've had a 2.5" Fujitsu drive spinning happily for a couple of months, no problems yet.
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    i guess i'm referring to the TOP side being the side with the label. the BOTTOM being the side with the exposed circuit board.

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    My old PC that I had for two years had it's HD mounted upside down so I could use my HD cooler.. I never had a problem with it..

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    There should be no problems with this...GO FOR IT

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