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Thread: TV reception

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    TV reception

    There have been a few threads reqgarding TV antennas but none seem to have any real conclusions.

    I have a Shuttle PC fitted with a TV card which has an F connector for cable/antenna.

    What antenna can I install that will give me a decent TV image that my passengers can watch whilst driving?

    Professional installs use a Diversity antenna with 4 whips but the TV tuner card cannot handle the 4 inputs of course. Is there a satisfactory solution out there or do we have to purchase a 'diversity capable' TV Tuner (if such things are available on a PCI card).

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Honestly, i had a pioneerunit that used 4 diversity antennas with powered amplifiers... cost me like 80 bucks.. i got better reception with a 19.99 antenna from home depot and just had it running left and right on the lower portion of my back window..
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    Can someone recomend good and well supported low profile PCI tuner /PAL version. Prefferably SAA7134 chipset

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