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Thread: Laptop as Input/Output

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    If I mounted a pc in the trunk of my car is there any way I could use a laptop as just the Input (keyboard) and output (screen)? I'd like to have the pc for upgradability and I don't think my laptop is powerful enough to do everything I want by itself (gps, winamp, movies). Thanks

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    Did U notice the search button on this forum ?
    It's on the top right.
    It will give you enough info to get by.
    when you've got specific questions, we are glad to help you.

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    hey... what if u used pc anywhere, and network the 2 machines 2gether!?
    the laptop`s keyboard could change songs, and the screen would show winamp....

    would it work well? or would it be too slow and bulky... i think jerky videos would be the only drawback

    i was thinking of using an old psion in a similar way

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    I use PCAnywhere extensively (not in the car) and it's great - but it would not be able to handle video. This would work for other applications however such as Winamp (visualization does not work - too choppy), GPS, etc. Overall, having to mount a full sized laptop in your car would outweigh the advantages of being able to control the PC in the trunk. You'd be better off with a LCD display - even an inexpensive NTSC display would be much better.

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    What if you used winamp or windows media player from the laptop, but drew the songs/videos from the desktop. Have desktop act like a server for the songs and stuff and ran with it like that. Still gotta worry about mounting it but you shouldnt have to worry about whether the data transfer speed is fast enough. At least I would think it would work.
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    This whole thing sounds very cludgy....Two PCs need to boot, use PC Anywhere to control one....Hmmm....Why not just throw a large HD in an older laptop (off of eBay, of course) and avoid having a file server (!) running in your car?

    After all is said and done, it may be cheaper just to get a proper LCD screen.
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