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Thread: docking station for laptop

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    docking station for laptop

    if you happen to use one.....

    when the docking station loses power (i.e. turn the car off), the laptop battery takes over, correct? also, do the usb ports on the docking station become disabled?


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    If you mean a "normaly Dockingstation" and no a USB-Dockingstation, then this is not correct. The Power-Plug will be plug in in the Dockingstation and supplies the Notebook and all periphery (USB...) with power.
    Mine Notebook supplied after switch of no USB-Devices with power - there are disabled - except, these have their own current supply.
    The USB-Devcises becomes power, if the Notebook is in Standby - not in Hybernate, not it is switch off.

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 8000. My docking station has USB ports in it as well as an additional 10/100 Ethernet. The power connector connects to the docking station and passes through the docking station into the laptop.

    When I unplug the power from the docking station, the USB ports and the Ethernet card in the docking station will actually draw the power they need from the laptop. So, I guess it is manufacture dependant.


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    I also have a dell laptop, a C610 using a c port replicator, this powers the docking station usb's when the mains is removed

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    thanks for the info, guys. good to know. i just ordered one for my compaq, so hopefully it works out the same.

    also, has anyone had any success wiring a momentary switch into their docking station as opposed to opening up the laptop and doing it? i attempted to do the latter, but it was impossible to get to the connections at the board. there was a panel overlayed on top of the board with the power button on it. the problem is that it wouldn't come off. so i'm hoping to have a little more luck with the docking station.

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