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Thread: Two IDE HDD on epia?

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    Or some wonderful person could port Destinator2 or some other good GPS software to linux. I may not mind making the switch then..

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    I don't think it would take much effort from the company itself but I don't think it would be possible to port it without access to source codes. If enough people write to the company who make Destinator2 they migh feel its rentable to port it.

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    if ya wanna try 2 get windows programs workin in linux, try using winex. it's not what you would call free, but i have several versions of it if u'd like to try. this is used mostly for gaming so who knows what'll happen when u run destinator on it. i've run quake 3 from it, and used the windows cds (winex makes the program think it's installing on a windows machine) and it worked well. so ya could give that a try and hope for the best

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    It probably would work, even tho normal wine might be better for the job. I found using wine and winex a pain in the @$$ , extremmmly slooowwww, and sometimes unstable. There ara a couple of games like UT2003, Medal of Honor and Q3 too I think that can be run native with a special installer. So much faster and stable. You should check it out. Of course running programs with wine probably the best solution for running GPS progams in linux but I wonder if it would be possible to detect the GPS device? Probably easyer for the GPS users to stick with windows for now if they want a complex program like Destinator 2. I looked at GpsDrive for the heck of it, it does look alright, what's missing in that program? I don't know much about road GPS so pardon me if it sound ignorant, I actualy never saw such a program in action.
    By the way, might be gettin a bit off topic... Oh yeah, Would Epia-V also support 2 IDE drives? hehe

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    Yes. It will support 2 drives. Just set them both to CS or order them.
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