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Thread: Connecting Laptop Hard drives to PC Mobo

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    FRY's has an adaptor for using a laptop hard disk with a normal IDE cable for $6.99.


    - Laptop hard drives have power and signals all in the ribbon cable, so they have 44 pins instead of 40 like a full-sized drive.

    - Laptop hard drives only require +5V to operate. You don't need to feed them +12V.

    - Laptop hard drives are usually a few ms slower than their larger cousins (i.e. 12ms compared to 9.5ms)


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    If your only reason for using a laptop HD is for shock immunity here is an idea, I have mounted my hard drive to one of those sony diskman car mounting plates, this provides plenty of shock protection, I have driven my ute along ruff old dirt roads, speedhumps, curbing, footpaths, performed circle work, had a little shag in the back all while my mp3 player was running. It has been in there for about ten months now and there are still no bad sectors on it

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