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Thread: Using an Equalizer to get sound

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    Using an Equalizer to get sound

    I noticed that Equalizers have RCA in jacks, and some even have Auxilary RCA ins with a pushbutton switch. Has anyone tried going this route? My only worry is that it would mean relying on the computer's sound card as the amp instead of the built in amp in the head unit. I guess a pre-amped EQ would probably do the trick too. Just an idea that I may pursue to get rid of the god awful RF modulation I'm currently using through the Sony CD changer set up I already had. Later..

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    Thats how I was thinking of doing it flip.. I was gonna run the computer and the head deck into the EQ and then run that to a couple of amps.. but it ended up working out cheaper just to buy a new head deck with AUX in (cause I didn't have to buy another amp or the EQ).. EQ's are good though cause many of them offer heaps of different outputs and many of them are knobs and not sliders.. and knobs are way better for adjusting ****..


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