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Thread: mp3 player alternative...are there any???

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    mp3 player alternative...are there any???

    i have (or should i say "had") a laptop that i was going to use as a carputer. i just spent quite a bit of money the past few weeks getting all the parts together for the installation. i got a docking station for it this week, so i was trying things out again tonite. after about 20 minutes of using my laptop with the docking station, everything just shut down and ALL power indicator LED's were off. nothing was getting power. the laptop wouldn't even turn on with the battery in. so i'm led to believe that there was some kind of short??? so as soon as it happened, i took my laptop to best buy and had it sent out for service.... again. i know best buy sucks, but this was a purchase out of necessity. my house at school a couple years ago got robbed clean and i used the insurance money to buy it. good thing i sprung for the warranty plan. otherwise, this thing would have been in the trash a long time ago. this is the third time it's been sent out. the last time it was sent out was just 3 weeks ago. so they said they might just decide to replace it with a new one. so we'll see....

    anyway, here's my question.... i actually decided to buy a standalone dvd player instead of an external dvd drive for my computer. so i have that and a LCD monitor. but since i have the monitor, are there any other ways of playing mp3's that use a visual interface such that i can use it with the monitor? i'm obviously going to wait and see what happens with my computer, but i'm just wondering about ways of playing mp3's without the use of a computer. perhaps something cheaper than buying a new computer. the standalone DVD player plays mp3 cd's, but i want something with a little more storage capacity.

    any thoughts???
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    You should check this out :

    I found it the other day, haven't thought of what to do with it yet though... but $150 for the board - then the cost of the drive. I haven't looked into the OS or power... Let me know if you go this route and let me know what it takes! GL
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