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Thread: FM radio Question

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    Question FM radio Question

    Im new to the Car pc world, and would like to know.....

    How do you play the radio with the car pc, and hear it threw the car speakers?

    I noticed that there is a buttom with " radio " on the skins as in the pic below and it shows the radio stations when clicked... How is this done?

    Is it possible to totally get rid of the car radio and just play the radio threw the
    mobile pc, and use the function threw the lcd radio button?


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    this is a world of possiblities. Do some searching, and all the answers will come to you.

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    I have a TV capture card and has built in FM tuner. has a program to tune into the radio stations.
    I dont know if you can just buy an fm tuner for your pc, but you can pick up a capture card for very very cheap.

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    Like frodo said....

    Two of the most popular options are D-Link usb radio and haupauge Wintv FM USB radio. Search for those for more info.

    I use the haupauge personally and it works great....

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    I have a wintv tv/fm card too but i can't get my radio to work. what did you have to do? I'm able to use radiator to control the radio but not mediacar.

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