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Thread: WARNING: Mount your computer

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    WARNING: Mount your computer

    I'm on the verge of destroying everything around me, so ANY help on the matter would be awesome.

    Installed my first incar pc 2 days ago. All excited I wired everything & wedged the computer into the corner of my boot 'thinking' that everything was sweet...and it was, until i took a corner suddenly at about 80km/h.

    Anyway, the computer rolled to the other side of the boot. I pulled over. Opened my boot. Grounding wire was ripped off. So, thinking that was the extent of the damage, I simply screwed the wire back to the chassis of the car, and hopped in the front seat.

    Everything loaded up fine, until i realised the touchscreen doesn't work.

    I feel like i've tried everything, yet still I can't get it to work again!!!! I'm going FUKING crazy!!!!!!!!!!! I can plug it in to the usb & it doesn't even recognize that it has 'found new hardware'. Nothing! Is there a possibility that the grounding wire ripping out, could have shorted the touchscreen through the usb? I've tested the usb ports & they are still fine.

    It has come up with 'found new hardware' twice, in the last 6 hours (for no aparent reason). I tried reinstalling the drivers & it came up with the message: "A service installation section in this INF is invalid".

    PLEASE help guys. I'm losing my hair and my sanity!

    (sorry for double posting - thought it would be better here)
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    Do you have another computer that you can try the touchscreen with?? A home computer or something. Perhaps you hurt the USB port when your computer went bouncing around in the trunk.

    Does the USB recognize anything else? GPS mouse?
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    You are lucky it is just that. I would back up any important data on your HDD just incase you have damaged that aswell. First check the touchscreen on another computer, if it doesn't work then it is probably just the controller. You can probably replace it for about $50 USD. Or replace the whole touchscreen + controller for about $150.

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    Yeah, i got my laptop from home and plugged the touchscreen usb in my car. It was recognised immeadiately, but when it got to installing it, it came up with an error saying: "A service installation section......."

    And yes, other usb devices (ie. usb key) works fine on the same usb port.
    AUDI A4, 2.6 V6
    Audio: Morel, Audison, Hertz, Stinger, Pioneer
    Carputer: Mirco ATX, 2.4gHz, 256ram, 80gig, 7"touchscreen, Opus

    Unfortunately, that's the end! Was good while it lasted, but gotta sell the car.

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    could be a blown usb touchscreen controller.

    if all else fails send me a msg, if its a lilliput i've got a controller i can sell

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    please don't cross post. I deleted your other thread. 1 is enough. Most people will click on the new posts link anyway
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    back when i had a regular sized psu i had it sitting outside my case in where my carputer was in my trunk. i had to brake hard and my psu flew from outside of my case into the case (the carputer wasn't on thank god). Somehow it managed to damage my RAM. Didn't harm the motherboard or anything else. And I still have no clue how the PSU went from outside of the case to inside of the case. The wires were tight from the case to the psu so maybe it kinda pulled it in.

    |___|\|_| to |_|_| lol. Oh well, it was an excuse to get a dc-dc psu.
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