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Thread: Found display solution for epia M10000

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    Found display solution for epia M10000

    I asked this question here recently but I guess nobody had the answer, I think I figured it out. I use tv-out on the M10000 (Nehemia) and stretched the image to fit the whole screen but every time I would reboot or come out of hibernation it would go back to the shrunken image so what I did was got in to the display settings, clicked advance, clicked on display tab and unchecked CRT monitor that way only TV is selected and the strecthed image should stay. hope this helps somebody.

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    Nice advice, I'll see if it work for my nvidia card in my living room system. It also stretches, but using TVTOOL. (Which is AMAZING if you have an NVidia card, it's a must!) It also un-stretches when returning from hibernation. I'll try to test and post my results. I think I remember reading elsewhere that it was a problem with Windows, however.

    Good to see you got yours working, though!
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