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Thread: CD Changer Input

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    Question CD Changer Input

    Has anybody actuaully mastered this CD changer input thing. I have a Kenwood Head unit and I am want to connect my player via this input. I read in one of these groups that someone had found an actual plug that gave you a CD Changer plug one end and two RCA's at the other (but I can't find it). Does anyone know of this adapter. What I realy need is pins and conections so I can make the plug myself. Any help would be appreciated.


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    If you find out the adapter or the pin defintion i would be VERY happy to hear about it. I disassembled both my head unit and my cd changer, but i found that it was somewhat harder to figure out than a normal stereo would be ... (i dint feel like taking any chances since im broke and cant afford a new head unit nor cd changer ...

    Im also a bit worried of taking appart the cable since i have a really nasty feeling that this cable i hard to get and proberbly cost a small fortune


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