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Thread: PCMCIA Extension?

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    PCMCIA Extension?

    I have two PCMCIA slots, and I wanna use 'em! Unfortunately, all the devices that use PCMCIA slots are too thick to fit side by side. I've ed and ed, but haven't found anything other than with the intent of prototyping. For instance, this is intended for prototyping new PCMCIA devices, and goes for anywhere from $100-150.

    Anyone know of anything cheaper? Maybe a splitter? Anything?

    I would like to be able to use the existing PCMCIA devices I have, and not have to go to USB based, etc.

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    bump for a subaru owner

    not much help but a question. how do you mount your carputer in ur OBS?

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    Not sure, but i believe another problem is, laptops usually only support one Type3 card, which is the thicker one (most 802.11 wirelless, the clickit drives, etcetera).


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    what about making an extension from some connectors and ribbon cable? Might be worth a try. Somewhere like radiospares sell pcmcia connectors for about 4 over here.

    Dunno about interference problems though.


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