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Thread: Orbital 20X4 lcd power

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    Orbital 20X4 lcd power

    Has anyone out there wired a matrix orbital 20X4 lcd and got it to work? I was wondering what you used to power it? I was wanting to know if it was possible to wire it from the computer itself or can I run it from the car somehow?

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    I have one in my player. If you got the wide voltage version (most likely, but double check) it will take 8-16V as power so you can either modify a floppy connector and use the 12V wire to power it or run a wire straight from the car power since the display regulates it properly so it will work with your car on/off


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    You can also run power to it through the serial cable to the PC gives these instructions:

    Modify PC's serial port (add +5v line to power display for Matrix Orbital displays)

    Pull the serial port ribbon cable from the motherboard. Figure out which side is pin 9 (the one without the red stripe) , and, using a sharp razor
    blade, splice the pin 9 wire close to the motherboard. Then, pull a foot or so of the wire away from the ribbon, strip the end, and solder it to the
    red wire of a spare drive connector (but for safety insert a 1A fuse in between). Insulate everything, plug it back into themachine (i.e., screw it
    back into the serial port bracket, plug it into the motherboard, and plug it into a spare drive plug), and you're all set on this end.


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