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Thread: Using radio antenna for radio AND tv

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    Using radio antenna for radio AND tv

    hey everyone

    after seeing this post: Which antennas for tv cards?
    by amrit50 in regards to how he's using his radio antenna for tv reception (using the specified connectors) I did some searching around and found a few things:

    This looks like a female motorola to a female coax (could plug directly into tv card?):

    but this by far looks like an awesome solution:
    this will split your radio antenna to the standard motorola male connector and a bnc connector. then you could just get a bnc coupler and a female bnc to type f coax. with this you could then keep your factory radio or use the motorola connection to somehow hook up to your specific radio.

    or i guess you could stick to amrit50's setup and add a bnc t connector and use one output for the tv and one for the antenna:

    what do you guys think? any suggestions? has anyone done this or anything similar/better?

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    OHH .. that plug is called motorolla connector ?? hmm .. learn something every day LOL

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