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Thread: Dual Monitor DVD/DIVX Problem

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    Dual Monitor DVD/DIVX Problem

    Has anyone ever tried to play DVD's or DIVX's on multiple monitors? I am trying with a lilliput hooked up to the VGA and a portable DVD player with an Aux input hooked to the RCA port on my EPIA MII10000.

    Both screens mimic each other up the point where I show a video. The RCA jack shows the movie OK, but the lilliput shows a black screen where the video is playing. It doesn't matter if the video is full screen or windowed, but when the video is windowed, all of the desktop behind the video shows up as normal on both screens, but the lilliput shows a video window that is just black.

    Has anyone else seen this??


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    I have a dual monitor set-up on my inhouse PC. I have the same issue you have. I can only play videos (or other graphics intensive apps) on one monitor at a time. I think it's something to do with DirectX. I say this because I use UltraMon to let me have separate wallpapers and screensavers and I can only run 1 screensaver at a time that uses DirectX. For example, I have the SereneScreen (3D aquarium that uses DirectX) running on one monitor and starfield simulation (non-DirectX) on the other monitor. If I try to run the SereneScreen on both it won't let me. I think this is just a software limitation, not a hardware problem.
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    Graphics-intensive applications sometimes have issues with multiple moniters (I run a dual moniter setup at home). I would recommend trying different video playes. In my experience, VLC player has handled it quite well.

    The other thing to try (assuming you have a nvidia card), is the video overlay feature. Check it out, it might do what you want.

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    I had this problem a long time ago with a Geforce 4 card by Nvidia. it would play fine on my monitor, yet if i put a movie on, it would display fine on my tv and nothing but black on my monitor. eventially i fixed it with an Nvidia utility by setting my 2nd display as the main display and using my monitor as a second display, or something to that effect. It took many hours of searching msg boards to find out what to do. I wish you louck.

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    Make sure your display properties are set up correctly, you have an option where you can have two of the same or seperate.
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    Check out the UltraMon software.. It will let you mirror you monitors..

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    Basically it means your card is only capable of a single video overlay. It's very rare to have a video card that'll display overlay video on more than one screen, even if it is mirrored.

    I have a card that supports two video overlays that I use with video editing that originally cost me around $350. I have no idea if it's come down in cost since then.

    Basically you're stuck with video off one display in your case, no matter what you do, probably unless you got a seperate video card for each output.

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    If you turn off hardware acceleration overlay wont be used

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