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Thread: reverse sonar - anyone install an aftermarket kit?

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    reverse sonar - anyone install an aftermarket kit?

    anyone using reverse sonar on their car?

    does it work effectively?
    who'd you buy from?

    im debating whether to do reverse sonar or to do a camera
    sonar seems like it would be more effective and may even be cheaper and easier to install/implement

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    well the reverse sensors are much easier to setup .. only mildly difficult thing is putting the sensors nice in the bumper ...

    its a independent system .. just have to hook it up to the reverse light in the back , it will run on it directly if you want , and beep ... thatís it ...

    with the cam its much more difficult .. yet so much more rewarding .. its really great to actually SEE LOL ... much more time and effort , if you want it to bo a clean nice install ... not just putting a cam on the rear deck and wiring it directly to the liliput or whatever ...

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