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Thread: Weird sound skipping in winamp (VIA EPIA 800)

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    Weird sound skipping in winamp (VIA EPIA 800)

    I have a first revision VIA mini-itx board, i used it last year breifly as a carputer and was pleased with the results. I have been rebuilding it this year (better,faster,stronger) and I have a problem I cant get rid of: winamp 'skips' or blips through songs, every 5-10 seconds a small litttle error can be heard, itunes wont even run on the machine, and windows media player has the same problem. I have : Updated all drivers, installed XP, and 2000 tried numourous sound card settings in winamp and am now running an exsternal USB sound card and the problem is still their! The only thing I can think of is that the hard drive isnt getting the data to winamp fast enough- but it plays video fine!! Does anyone have any experience/suggestions for me? (im running winamp 5, 2.91 had the same problem)! Thanks for any help!

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    I've also just rebuilt a carputer using Winamp 2.??? on my old Pentium 133. It's doing the same thing. Used to work fine about a year or two ago


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    try increasing the buffer size in winamp's mp3 plugin
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    ive tried putting them to the max, no change. I cant think that this playback problem is related to the speed of the machine as the cpu use when playing is no more than 10%? Any other suggestions... please?

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    I have the same problem, did you ever get it figured out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    try increasing the buffer size in winamp's mp3 plugin
    How do you increase the buffer size in the mp3 plugin?

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