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Thread: help mounting a laptop please

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    help mounting a laptop please

    hi everyone

    i have decided to switch my approach to the carputer from constructing it from scratch AND figuring out how to install it (i am pretty intent on doing it all myself), to using a suitqable laptop i came upon used from a friend. the Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8000. It runs @ 800 Mhz, has 256MB ram, and has a 30 GB HDD (i upgraded from another laptop). The screen is 14" but has some light scuffs (visible when its off) from the keyboard, and it is all around a "used" laptop. Works great though. Anyway - I got a docking station for it and will be taking that apart to wire a momentary switch soon, using a rat-shack DC-DC converter for power, and the power settings for a shutdown controller.

    My question is this: How do i mount the laptop/docking station in the trunk. I had the thought of mounting it like an amplifier against the back seats, having the laptop inserted downarad into the station. But i still dont know how to secure it. The station has weird mounting holes on the back, they look like this:

    O0 0O

    where the bigger O, is an enlarged hole and the smaller one is the hole narowing. It looks like the wall mount on the back of phones, except there are two of them and they are "going" in opposite directions.

    Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks guys!

    (Also, because of this shift in approach, i am selling my old carputer components - see the first link in my sig)

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    bump for some help please

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