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Thread: Tv Tuner Through Car Aerial??

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    Question Tv Tuner Through Car Aerial??

    I was looking a this item tv tuner
    and i need to know weather or not i could attach it to my car raido anntena and use it like a tv aerial?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I"m not sure what you mean by TV aerial...

    You mean you want to use your car's radio antenna, so you can watch TV in your car?

    I don't think regular car antenna plugs are the same size F connector that that device will have.... but you could probably make a little adapter, and It should work fine... I'm not sure how great reception you'll get though.

    I would make sure you get a money back garantee on that. I don't know how much 38 pounds is converted to US dollars... but I had a friend that had a USB tv tuner/video capture device, made by ATI. He paid about 80 bucks USD for it. It was pretty crappy in my opinion. it was only USB 1.1 compatible I think, so it was slow, crappy resoloution, crappy audio, missed alot of frames.

    However, another friend I know bought another brand of device (the brand is not comming to me right now). It's also USB, but it supports USB 2.0, which of course is alot higher bandwidth. He paid about 200 bucks for it I think, it's alot better quality. Still misses a few frames now and then, but it does support high quality video, looks great. The only thing I don't like about it is it's delay (about a second or so delay from when the signal is actually input into the device). When I figure out the name of this thing I'll re post.

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    You are better off buying this one if you just wanna watch TV :

    I bought one for like 120 at PC world, now maplin sell for 59.99

    Since its all digital TV the picture quality on PC is much nicer than the analog TV. You also get more channels, the same stuff as freeview in UK.

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    aerial ,, is the same thing as antenna .. and a guy did that a few posts (days ago) ...

    here you go ... they say it works fine ... (some guy told me ... it must work ... as those little tv's work everywhere. ...)

    oops .. forgot the post url lol

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