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Thread: POLL: 3.5" Hard drive survivor

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    80gb maxtor 8mb cache 3.5 - no probs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveC
    Nothing wrong with a normal desktop hard drive in your CarPC as long as

    1. Ensure that it sits in an adequate airflow and doesn't overheat

    2. That it is mounted HORIZONTALLY and never vertically

    They will stand up to almost anything that your car suspension can handle (unless perhaps if you drive an H1 Hummer LOL)

    Hitachi 160GB
    ahhh, am I missing something? wasnt the general idea that it was mounted VERTICALLY (as opposed to horizontally in a desktop pc?)
    2000 Jeep Cherokee
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    -planning done, still need a few parts
    -In-dash motorized VGA is finally out, need $$$
    -Need to replace factory HU

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    This is what my old Seagate can take: Shock in excess of 75 G. That is pretty much I think!!

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    This is when the drive isn't operating. When it operates the G's it can handle are more less...

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    HA who will put 75 Gs of force when the 3.5" drive is operating I mean most people put the drive into their home computers which never move. I'd like to see some people post that did have crashes.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    I should point out that I don't know if my drive corruption problem was due to vibration. It could have been a number of other (common) Windows things.

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    [QUOTE=weekendowel]This is what my old Seagate can take: Shock in excess of 75 G. That is pretty much I think!!

    That just means you can use it as a hammer when it's turned off... The heads have a latch which holds them in the parking zone.

    When it's running the heads are flying about all over the place and even a couple of G thump will send them crashing into that nice spinning magnetic medium a few microns away from them.

    Makes a good noise though!

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    Sorry to bring this back from the dead but there still seems to be lots 3.5" in-car= crash hysteria.

    A) Quantum Fireball / 20?GB / 7200
    B) At least 3 years. Has never died.

    Has been mounted both vertically and horizontally. Survived a pretty decent car crash a few years back. Car was totalled but drive survived. The drive was running playing mp3s. At the time was mounted vertically. I would bet that it would have survived mounted horizontally as well. I've driven on some really bad roads with it running horizontally. Unless you're really crammed for space save your money and get a 3.5" drive.

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    Uhm.... multiple years of in car service Maxtor 8.4.... several car accidents while the drive was spinning... I bet your body is rated for less G's than the drive
    I am about to upgrade to a 20 gig maxtor also a desktop drive.

    I think the primary reason to go with a laptop drive is to save on power consumption and say you have one.
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

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    Quote Originally Posted by soybeanstorm
    Are you running [have you run] a desktop hard drive on your car pc? If so,
    a) What brand / size (GB)/ rpm
    b) How long has it been running with no problems / when did it die?
    Maxtor /80GB /7200
    A year in my desktop PC and 4 months in my carputer./ Never died
    Mounted vertically.
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
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