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Thread: POLL: 3.5" Hard drive survivor

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    May 2004

    Question POLL: 3.5" Hard drive survivor

    I'm still in the planning stages of my car pc and just wanted to see what people's experiences with 3.5" (desktop) hard drives are.

    Are you running [have you run] a desktop hard drive on your car pc? If so,
    a) What brand / size (GB)/ rpm
    b) How long has it been running with no problems / when did it die?

    Trying to figure out if the reduced cost/mb of destop hard drives are actually worth it..

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    Chandler, AZ
    YES! I'm running a 3.5" desktop hard drive. Sorry I don't have all the brand name/ rpm info but I can tell you it's name brand Seagate, Maxtor or someone, and it's the faster speed. 40gb.

    It's been running for three months with no problems. I've driven it over unpaved washboard roads in Arizona and the crater-like pot hole infested roads of Flint, MI. No problems so far. Nothing special for suspension, just a lexan case... but maybe that is special.

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    60 gig maxtor.. lasted me 3 years and is no my htpc drive

    I'm not sure of the rpms.. i think its a 7200
    '98 Explorer Sport (down atm)
    AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
    80% done

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    120 GB Maxtor 7200. Ran fine for 6 months and then became corrupted. Restored it, and its working fine.

    That little incident made me buy Acronis true image...


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    There was a HUGE batch of BAD 120GB Maxtor 7200 RPM drives couple years back. Out of 6 I bought, 4 died within 6 months.

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    Nothing wrong with a normal desktop hard drive in your CarPC as long as

    1. Ensure that it sits in an adequate airflow and doesn't overheat

    2. That it is mounted HORIZONTALLY and never vertically

    They will stand up to almost anything that your car suspension can handle (unless perhaps if you drive an H1 Hummer LOL)

    Hitachi 160GB

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    Western Digital 180Gb 8M Cache 7200RPM running fine for 3 months now.

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    UK, Sale, Cheshire
    160GB Maxtor 5400 RPM sitting vertical, running fine for about 3-4 months, has travelled at least 7000 miles in that time.
    Audi S8 supercar
    Modded Xbox 400GB HD
    Rear 7" screen & navplus

    Toyota Hiace Van
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    MediaCar & Mappoint 2004
    Custom fit 7" TFT VGA TSK

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    atlanta ga
    40gb WD

    The screen broke, the drive goes strong.

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    40GB Seagate U Series 5400, mounted flat, been fine for a year. No issues.
    89 Celica, CarPC installed, 1st bday :)
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