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    Question Need install advice

    Hi All,

    Finally I have all the stuff to build my CarPC.
    So now I'm looking for a good place to put the screen ...
    I really can use some advice here ...
    Its a big car (van) Volkswagen Transporter T4, so I have a lot of space.
    First i was planning to build it in the dash ... now I'm not sure anymore. As you can see in the pictures the screen is a 10.4 inch LCD, and it would take almost the whole center-dash. My next thought is to put it on top of the dash. but then I would like to be able to flip it up and down (up and down in the dash or close and open like a notebook screen, still not sure)

    So now the question: what do you think would be best?
    I hope the pictures are self explaning enough ...
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