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Thread: Suggestions for current for a USB relay controller...

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    Suggestions for current for a USB relay controller...

    I'm trying to develop a USB alternative to the parallel port relay soon as I learn how to program and solder these tiny surface mount pieces :P

    Anyway - how many relays and what kind of current would you guys like to see here? (just to save $$$ I would like to put a handful of high current, then more of the mid and low current relays :P)

    remote wire for amps...i figure 1amp (overkill?)
    2-4 power windows (lotsa amps x 4? :P)
    accent lights?

    So what else? My brains on strike over here...

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    how about one to turn the monitor on/off
    power antenna

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    How about a few inputs for FWD/REV/PAUSE buttons? Volume control?
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